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HostDirector - Full Details

This page gives a list of the main features in HostDirector. To understand everything on offer we suggest you download the manual (below) and view the demo.

Click here to download the HostDirector manual in Adobe PDF format

Order Stage

  • Whois script works with any Domain Name extension.
  • Clients can select to register a new Domain Name or transfer an existing name to your server.
  • Domain Name registration length can be specified by admin user (between 1 and 10 years).
  • Client can order hosting packages to go with their Domain Name. Packages can be billed monthly, quarterly or annually with an optional set-up fee.
  • Ability for you to offer free Domain Names, special offers and discounts.
  • Client can order extra services. Like hosting packages these extras can be billed monthly, quarterly or annually with an optional set-up fee. You can specify as many groups of extra services as you want.
  • Existing clients can log-in when ordering and add new products to their account.
  • New clients can register for an account when ordering.
  • You can charge different rates of tax for customers from different countries. By default all customers in the EU will be charged 17.5% VAT.
  • There are six payment options:
    • Worldpay (both standard payments and FuturePay)
    • PayPal (both standard payments and recurring billing)
    • NoChex (non-recurring payments only)
    • Bank Pass (non-recurring payments only)
    • Invoice - clients can opt to pay by invoice and send payment manually.
    • Protx (non-recurring payments only) - using VSP Form.
    • Secure Server - using our encryption software your clients can enter their payment details and they will be e-mailed to you to be processed manually.
  • As soon as a payment has been authorised the client's account details will be updated automatically.
  • Each page is based around HTML templates so you can totally customise the appearance of every single page.
  • All confirmation e-mails sent are also fully customisable.
  • Optional logging of all whois searches.
  • Heart Internet Automation
    • If you have a Heart Internet Reseller Account then hosting packages and Domain Names can be automatically set-up and registered as soon as payment is received.

Admin Area Features

  • Add and edit Domain Name extensions, hosting packages and extra services from the admin area.
  • Enter a 'welcome message' that your clients will see when they log in to the client area of HostDirector. Ability to override the default message for specific clients.
  • View log of all whois searches performed on your site.
  • Run reports on customers - for example, all products due to expire between two dates with a particular product ID.
  • Product statistics - a page that shows all the products you have sold along with their popularity.
  • Automatic invoices and reminders. At the click of a button invoices will be sent by e-mail to clients with products that are 60 for renewal. Messages are sent once the product reaches 60, 30, 14, 7 and 1 day(s) before expiry. A further message is sent once the product has expired. Your clients are then able to renew products they have received an invoice for from the client area.
  • A Knowledge Base (KB) where you can enter frequently asked questions and answers. Your clients are then able to search this database from the client area.

Client Area Features

  • Displays all products client has ordered along with the expiry date, renewal price and an option for the client to query the product if they have a question - the query is sent to the host.
  • Clients can order extra services for their account.
  • Clients can send a support request to the host. This request already includes the client's details so resolving the problem should take less time.
  • A searchable knowledge base.
  • Client is able to update their contact details in real-time.
  • Client can renew products that are nearing expiry - once their payment has been authorised the expiry date is automatically increased and the product status amended.


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